Colour Juice Lipgloss


Bri S.

They aren't perfect but they are good. They have pretty colors and packaging. They are REALLY heavy on my lips. They are OK. They could be way better. Make them thinner and less heavy.

Aina K.
Keeps lips shiny, but very sticky.

I cannot wear this lipgloss with my hair down because my hair sticks to my lips! It's really sticky on. And when I lick my lips, it get gooey. I don't like it at all.

The only reason I am giving it a 3 is because the shine lasts long. But that is because it's quite sticky...

Dinah D.

I love this lip gloss Watermelon Crush is a beautiful shade, glides on smoothly and keeps lips moisturized. I will admit it is a bit on the thick side, but I have been using this for years and I just love it.

Tawnya D.

LOVE LOVE LOVE, My all time fav's!!!! I will not buy any other gloss because they dont have the same consistancy as the Lo'real Coloure Juice lip gloss! Cant find them anywhere anymore! Sad Face!!!!

Myrna P.
Old Time Fave

I haven't bought one of these in a long time but I do like them. This was all I ever used. Going to buy some today. Gotta stock up on glosses. The glossiness is great. Perfect fit for your purses/wristlets

Rosi Giselle S.

this makes it so much easier for me not to be putting lip gloss and lip gloss. . . i like it even more because it makes my lips shine like the stars!

Swinda M.

great fragrance, beautiful shades to choose from, and it lasts soo long so eliminates the amount of times you have to reapply. i love these, to me they are comparable to the Stila Lipglazes!

Angel H.

Great product! not sticky or tacky!!! It smells soooo..... good, and taste soooo.... good too! comes in great shades. i truely do love L'oreal Lip Glosses they are always great products!!!

Taylor P.

love it, great quality and great color slection. The gloss is pigmented and smells amazing. I would def buy more of them because they are so good. And there not sticky.

Angie R.

I like this because it's long lasting. Although the color is a pretty pink it goes on pretty sheer so I use it more for a gloss as opposed for color. The applicator also makes it pretty difficult to get the gloss ONLY on your lips. If you're using a dark color or bright color, I suggest a lip brush for easier application.