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Active Daily Moisture Lotion


Ashlee B.
The Perfect Winter Moisturizer...

I've been using this as a daily moisturizer during the winter months for years, and I must say it never fails me. A little goes a very long way, so use it carefully. If you have oily skin, make sure you use a face primer after this product before you apply foundation.

Hope M.
Good for once in a while, but not as an every day kinda deal

I needed a new moisturizer because I was out and so I bought this at Walmart for $6-7-ish. I thought it should work pretty good, and allot better then the cheap dollar store one I was using. And it said "for all skin types" so I thought with my skin, which isn't normally bothered by any products, it'd be great. But when I put it on, it it was kinda burn-ey and irritating. If I lighten it up with water, or even another moisturizer, it doesn't bug me. Or even just to really spread it out it doesn't bug as much, but it doesn't seem to moisturize enough. So for me, it's a morning or an every other day kinda deal. And I had to pick up a dollar store moisturizer