Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner


Olivia H.
The best!

I bought this a little while ago and I love it! I got it in grey because I initially thought that the black would be too dark for my skin tone, and I love the color! I could have done with the black though, because with the grey I typically put black creme eyeliner over it to make it pop more. But this glides on great and I have had no issues with it!

Fancie B.
Love it!

This chubby little pencil is amazing! It glides on softly and is incredibly pigmented. It's perfect for tight lining your lash line and water line. Plus it is amazing when smudged for a sexy smokey affect! It stays put all day and I experience just a little bleeding because of my watery eyes. But setting with a powder shadow really helps. I have it in brown and black! I just can't get enough!

Ashley R.
Love in a pencil form!

I just bought this today and it was everything I could have wanted and more! It glides on like magic, with absolutely no pressure, and stays put once it's set. It's creamy enough that closing your eyes tightly gives you a tight lining look with half the work. I only had one small issue, and that was that the point is so sharp, but it didn't take much to wear down that sharpness. I will be keeping this around.

Rachel R.

Very pigmented, glides on smoothly. It does smudge so you need to be careful. But it looks great when you want to smoke it. And it is very nice to have a tiny chubby eyeliner that doesnt take up to much space. I have had this eyeliner for about 5 months now and i have only needded to sharpen it once. Long-lasting.

Metta X.
It's Wonderful!

When I go out to a party or so, I love using this to create a smokey eye look. Just think of this as a really big eyeliner pencil. It smudges out to create the smokey eye really good! It's very similar to a black kohl liner, or the kajal eyeliner. The color pigmentation is really wonderful too!

Ashley R.
Good for the smokey eye look

This product is very black and easy to blend to get that smokey eye look. It can smudge easily so you need to be careful when applying it if your not wanting that look. If you are wanting a thin line it is not best to use this one as you can see it is a lot thicker then most. It does not need to be sharpened often which is a bonus.

At Wal-Mart it is under $12 and it is totally worth it!

Ashley S.
Smudges too quickly

First off, it is way too thick. It's hard to get a thin line without using a brush, and I don't want to do that with a pencil eyeliner. Second, it smears and smudges like crazy. I want an eyeliner that has longevity, and this does not match up...and not just on the waterline or bottom lashes. It smears on the top too! Definitely will not repurchase.