Voluminous- False Fiber Lashes Mascara

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Krystal C.
Shockingly Voluminous Lashes!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

My initial thoughts were that I wouldn't like this mascara because the wand looks too skinny for my liking and the formula was thick with fibers and looked to be on the dry side. Normally I prefer my Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, I love giant wands and semi-moist-semi-dry formulas.

My likes: The wand is not too skinny, it grabs my lashes (the top hairs and the bottom hairs) and applies the formula very evenly There is no clumping when you simply run the wand from the base of the lashes to the tips (if you do the wiggling technique, it will look more clumpy) I only needed to apply 2 coats to get the same effect I prefer from my Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara and Revlon Grow Luscious mascara - those two mascaras usually require 3 good coats with the wiggly technique The fibers visually extend my natural lashes, while adding more volume I am able to comb through my lashes to separate the hairs and get an even fuller effect - without losing the formula or it flaking off The formula lasts all day, all night and even if you sleep in it - your lashes still look great the next morning (yes, I got lazy one night and didn't remove my makeup like I should have - oh well)

My dislikes: By the end of the day, the mascara begins to flake off slightly - and those little bits have gotten in my eyes a few times - resulting in repetitive eye rubbing (very annoying) The wand is loose and rattles a bit, but that could just be the one I received Because of the fibrous formula, the opening of the tube gets clogged very quickly - and cleaning it makes me feel like I'm wasting some of the product, but it really does need to be cleaned to prevent clumps in your lashes

Overall, I like the mascara, I might even repurchase it when my mascara stock runs out. I would recommend this mascara to people with short lashes, thin lashes, sparse lashes... If you wear contacts, I would suggest only wearing this mascara for up to 8hrs, after that it begins flaking badly and you'll hate it!

*More product photos, before/after photos on my blog: http://www.beautybykrystal.com/2011/12/loreal-voluminous-false-fiber-lashes.html

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Tabitha R.
My new favorite!
Photo of product included with review by Tabitha R.

I absolutely love this mascara! I have naturally long eyelashes, and this mascara makes them a lot longer, thicker, and have lots of volume; the perfect trio. It does clump a little, but it's no big deal because all you have to do is get your finger wet and smooth out the clump. You do not have to wash this product off before you get in the shower. Unlike most mascaras, this one doesn't leave those huge circles under your eyes. I wore it to school today; three people commented on my eyelashes and asked me if I was wearing fakes. I wore it for 2 days straight, and it didn't flake or loose volume. I will be re-buying this product when I run out, defiantly! I highly recommend this. The first picture is my eyelashes normally, without any product. The second one is one layer of mascara. The third is two layers of mascara.

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Tyler S.

Okay, so I know I wrote a review back in December about L'Oreal's Collagen Mascara and indeed it was that great but THIS... when I stumbled upon this I was seriously taken away! I've seen some bad reviews about this I can never understand why? I mean my lashes are already naturally long but the added length and volume I got from this was amazing!!! The collagen was great, great volume but I'm not a fan of the thick brush & the clumps! Speaking of thick brush, I also bought the Million of Lashes mascara for comparison and well, curiosity and it's good, really separates your lashes etc like it says but it definitely doesn't give you or... me really, that *POP!* or blowout I want! Also, I must address the bad reviews about lashes falling out... are you guys using the Waterproof version to this? Because if you are and it you say it "falls out" maybe you're not removing the mascara properly. Take your time and use cream or lotion and gently wipe off. Because I've tried the Waterproof version and I understand what your saying, but that's the point of "waterproof" it's not gonna come off just like that. What I use to remove it is Pond's Cold Cream. I Place a small spot on a piece of tissue and gently wipe off (eyes closed) my lashes. Anyway, I attached a photo below... sorry it's so blurry but hope you get the generally pic! I really am impressed by this mascara... like said the Collagen and Millions are great gives you the result it says but to me... it's nothing close to what I get for the False Fibers. Hope this was helpful :)

XOXO, Ty...

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Amy V.
No Fall Out

Great formula! I've been trying out new mascaras left and right.

What I liked: -Separates my lashes evenly -Just the right amount comes out on the bristles -I did see a difference in the look of the length of my lashes -Doesn't flake throughout the day, even after I've touched my lashes accidentally -The bottle makes a little click when it's shut tight, I know that this is an odd pro, but it was nice to know the bottle is shut correctly

What I didn't like: -The packaging is pretty, but it didn't need to be as long as it is... They could have shortened the wand to save space -I did not see a difference in the look of thicker lashes

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Elaina Y.
Works so well!

I recently purchased this mascara and I absolutely love it! I bought it in Blackest Black. I swear by Diorshow mascara, but who doesn't like a cheaper alternative? The packaging of this is fairly large and it has weird angles on the tube which actually helps you to get a good grip to open the mascara. I really like the sleek gold packaging, makes it stand out from all the other mascaras that I do own. I have really sparse, straight and short lashes (pretty much barely there on its own). The formula of this mascara actually has fibres in it that create the look of long lashes. The fibres in the mascara make this a drier formula, so wearing more than 2 layers will clump but you can layer it with other mascaras to complete the look. I find that using this alone it gives you the longer lashes look, but it doesn't really volumize the lashes, so you can layer on a volumizing mascara (I just use Diorshow for that). By doing that you will get a false lash effect! The formual is very black as well which is another thing I love. This mascara cleans off easy, just using makeup remover or cleaner it comes right off. Also if you make a mistake and get some on your eyelid when applying, just using water on a Q-tip will get it right off. This mascara takes me from barely there lashes to a false lash effect so I would recommend this product, but the word of caution is not to use it alone and wear too many coats.

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Elizabeth C.

this mascera is my favorite so fare,when i apply it it looks as if i was wearing false lashes. and its super black. love it check it out if u havnt.

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Bethany W.

This product is one of the best! It gives you a really full look and the product consistency is very fine so it glides on great! It almost makes you look like you have flase lash's on!

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Nicole A.
Never Again

Didn't like this at all. It is very clumpy and the brush is terrible. Dries out quickly too. NOT A FAN. I've tried combining it with other mascaras but that didn't work either. By itself with more than one coat, it's super clumpy. I keep seeing adds for it on TV and magazines and thought maybe I just got a bad batch but after reading the other reviews, I see I wasn't the only one with problems.

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Sarah Louise H.
Worst mascara I have ever tried

I bought this on a whim hoping it would work well and give my lashes a little boost.... Okay first of all I bought Blackest Black.... It's honestly grey! Not even dark brown or almost black.. No... And it didn't give my lashes any volume or length.. I was very dissapointed with L'Oreal on this mascara. I love Voluminous Carbon Black and was hoping this would be just as nice... Wrong! Two thumbs waaaaaay down for this. Would not recommend this to anyone.

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Sophie M.
opened it, used it, threw it out!!

This is honestly the WORSE mascara I've ever used, i love L'Oreal's products, however this is def a miss. when i opened it it was dry the product was very hard to get on. it just isnt worth the try!!!

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