Visible Lift Smooth Absolute


Kimberly L.
Wonderful, if you don't have oily skin!

I absolutely love this foundation. I have very dry skin, so I really enjoy the dewey glow that it gives me. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend using this with a powder, since it will probably make your skin look even oilier. The staying power isn't fantastic (then again, what foundation actually does stay on all day?) The color matches my warm skin tone wonderfully and the coverage is light-medium. I don't care for the brush and I normally use my e.l.f. brush to apply it, but sometimes when I'm on break I find it convenient for a quick touchup.

Overall, I enjoy this product and would repurchase.

Nicole D.

Just purchased this last night. Today was my first full day of wearing this. I love it!! It does have a "dewy" finish. I just need to powder more to set! Other that that this is a beautiful foundation.

Jaye L.

For reference, ELDW Sand/Fresno, CS Sand Beige, Neutrogena Natural Beige.. I perfectly matched with Nude Beige (when I'm a tad pale -NC25) & Sand Beige (when I'm NC30/ "tanned").

Great foundation! It's not as drying as DW or CS. Like the other reviewers, I hate the brush!! It put me off buying this.. until I saw Kandee Johnson's video & my sis raved about it. I'm glad they changed my mind. It may be a bit pricey for a drugstore foundation (almost 20 cdn with tax) but the results are beautiful. This makes my skin look smoother and radiant, definitely not a flat lifeless canvas. Did not break me out as well! Minus one for transferring to clothes. Will repurchase.

Nichole W.
Whoa, Brush!

I'm not going to lie, the brush kind of freaked me out at first. Now that I've gotten used to it though, I kind of like it. The coverage that comes out of this bottle is almost impossible...I mean, it covers really well (for me, at least). I don't like wearing foundation & really don't wear it a lot, but this is light-weight and easy to apply. I do use a sponge after its on to blend.

Sofia R.
so so

at fist really loved this foundation but after using it for a couple of months no so much anymore. maybe its because i have oily skin. i wrote a review on my facebook about this foundation you can check it out if you like. but i must say i hate the brush and don't like that i cant wash the foundation out of it... i am getting to the end of the and i really us the foundation now. if i us it its because i was running late a have to do my makeup in the car or at work.