Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara


Jaclyn N.
if you like long clumpy lashes

This mascara has a dense brush that does make for the anime lash look. However, the formula is just too wet for the brush and it makes your lashes way too clumpy. My lashes are short and thick so it is not a product for me but I do have friends who like it!

Heidi T.
Let me SHOW you!
Photo of product included with review by Heidi T.

An Image is worth 1000 WORDS! Checkout my pictures and video with first Impressions of the Mis Manga Mascara http://www.theinsideoutbeauty.com/2015/10/beauty-loreal-miss-manga-voluminous.html Plus, a comparison review with the Butterfly Intenza L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara! http://www.theinsideoutbeauty.com/2015/11/reviews-loreal-butterfly-intenza.html

Lizzie P.
One of my Favorites

It is just a all around really good mascara . I do agree can be clumpy if your eyelashes are already thick as mine are . But overall great and worth a try!

Kerby L.
Okay but not great
Photo of product included with review by Kerby L.

The formula of this mascara is very wet which would be fine if it had a different brush. The brush has a weird little bendable joint which I don't care much for. It doesn't allow you to jiggle the brush back and forth to build up the volume. I also don't care much for how pointed the brush is. At the point of the brush the mascara builds up and you have to brush excess off.

I feel like if the brush point wasn't so drastic and if it were a bit more plush then it would apply much better.

Dawn C.
Not too bad.....

This mascara definitely gave me volume and length. With a minimal makeup look, 2 coats was all I needed to frame my eyes nicely. I find with a more dramatic makeup look, I have to add another mascara to pump up the volume. Lately I have been using this mascara with Lorac's Pro mascara for the best results.

I got this in Blackest Black. The color is very intense.

I do not like the wand however, it seems a little gimmicky to me. Product builds onto the tip of the wand and the wobbly application can become messy if you are in a rush and don't have a steady hand.

I don't experience any flaking with this mascara and it does last me a full 6-8 hours....I don't use the waterproof mascara.

Overall, I like the results. I do wish it added more volume, but I may try the newer version (Punky) to see if it address these issues.

A S.

Love, love, love! So in love with this product it really does it's job and it's just amazing. It's worth the money it's not that expensive either... At least try it!

Mer C.
Pretty Meh

This was a product that I really wanted to love not sure if it was the flashy advertising the sleek pink and black packaging or what but I had high hopes for this mascara despite hearing about bad first impressions, I bought it wanting to make my own mind up Verdict? still undecided. I don't hate it, but I just really don't love it for my upper lashes, my lower lashes is an entirely different issue which I think is why I'm so torn on this product. Let's start with the brush It tapers into quite a thin point which isnt the worst design of all time but it's quite flexible which makes it a little harder to use. I've used wands that have a little but of give to it but this is very flexible, I can bend the wand to 90 degrees without breaking it The overall design of this flexiblitly is to me it's greatest downfall. It's just really hard to get the bristles through my lashes properly and I find it tends to clump. If I brush it out with a disposable mascara wand or a lash comb it's not so bad, but I find I can't use it without something to comb through afterwards. I do find with the taper that its easier to get onto the lashes towards the inner corners of my eye, and I think the thinner end is the reason why I really like it for my lower lashes, I can really get it on them without smudging, as tends to happen with other mascaras. For the price I paid ($9 CAN) I can't complain too much and as I said before I don't dislike this mascara at all I just don't love it, and I do think there are better drug store mascara than this one out there.

Kat R.
Love it!

this is officially my favorite mascara. it makes my lashes CRAZY long and thick! the one drawback is that it clumps after more than one application, which I solved by just brushing out my eyelashes with a lash comb between applications. also, it has a tendency to flake after a few hours, but that's not a big deal :) wonderful mascara.

Massiell C.
Its a love/hate sort of thing ..

So I recently bought this mascara over all the rave reviews and the hype over it. Let me tell you, its not all what its hyped up to be. The brush is awesome, but the formula is too wet and makes my lashes look clumpy, so I have to take a piece of paper towel and clean it a bit before applying. When I do this, HOLY MOLY. I already have naturally thick eyelashes, and this makes them long and voluminous . So overall, I guess its worth the trouble of cleaning some off.

Andrea A.
Does what it says!!

This product is just like in the comercial. I definitly recomend this product and more of you are a Manga and kawaii stuff lover! I hope this review was helpful