HiP Jelly Balm


Savanna S.

When I first brought this I was a little hesitant as the texture was different from other balms or glosses I have used. But it is absolutely fantastic, it's smooth, silky, creamy and smells yummy! I wore this over top of a caramel nude lipstick for a wedding and it lasted surprisingly well considering I was drinking bubbly all night, only a a few re-applications were needed. It's not sticky and doesn't really feel like you're wearing anything on your lips, it's very light weight. I'm not much of a gloss wearer but this has turned me.

Joanna M.
Love it!

I bought this product in Delectable [ kind of a candy-apple red ] from Grocery Outlet for less than a dollar, and it's great! It's more glossy than a balm and not as pigmented as a gloss, that's what I like about it n__n I tend to stay away from lip glosses, but this is the perfect balance. I like the way they put it in a pot and not a tube, it's easier [ to me ] to apply that way. I just use my finger and dab a bit on. Sometimes, I put it over my NYX Round Lipstick for a bit of shine ♥ I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for just a hint of color!

Jenny W.
perfect combination of color + moisture

I bought this on a whim a while back and I absolutely love how it feels on my lips. It's very moisturizing, yet not sticky at all. The colors look very intense in the packaging, but when you apply it the color is quite sheer, which worked for me. But if you're expecting a punch of color, you might want to try something else.

Dawn C.
Nice color and shine

I got a few of these at a close-out shop for about $1 each. I'm impressed with the subtle color payoff and I love how soft these make my lips feel. The container is a very nice, hefty glass with a screw-top lid. You can apply with a brush or fingers and it looks good over a lipliner wash.

Jadyn  W.
Very shiny!

This is great for a bit of color but not too much! It is super glossy! This is not a balm though. My lips (very dry) still need additional moisture. I prefer these sort of products in tubes, however, that did not stop me from using up mine. I got the one in Delectable (a red) and loved it!

Haley R.
A really great gloss.

I got this super cheap at a Liquidation outlet, and I really like it. It is a really great lipgloss, but don't get fooled into thinking that this is a lip balm, because it's not. The color is very nice, not too intense but not too sheer, either. It is very glossy, glossier than it is in the pot. I like to apply this with my finger, but it can be easily applied with a brush. I like that this in a pot because that makes it easier to get all the product. It is a little sticky, but not like a MAC lipglass. Overall, this is a really nice gloss, but if you're looking for something really moisturizing, something else might be better.