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Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara

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Amanda V.
Adds great sparkle to your eyes!

I'm obsessed with this mascara. To get a really sparkly look, it takes a few coats of the glitter mascara, but once it's on, it's gorgeous. What I love most about it is that it is great for a dramatic look but it isnt hard to get off. At all. I have it in brown and black so you dont have to pick the color that is "supposed" to flatter your eye color.

Ashley S.
Really great for that little extra!

FTC: I was given this product by BzzAgent to review.

This is something I probably never would've bought on my own, I'll be honest. Most of the time, I think things like this are a total gimmick. However, I got over that after trying it! I love the regular mascara- it's a good sized wand that is not too big but not too small, and the formula is also really nice. But the other end... WOW! The wand takes a little getting used to, but it is becoming my favorite thing to put over not only this mascara, but sometimes on my other mascaras as well! It just gives a little something extra on the eyes that really makes them stand out.

I would recommend only using the sparkle on the very tips of our lashes- on occasion I have put it on the length of my lashes, and end up seeing the world through sparkles. Which is interesting, but obviously not ideal!

I would definitely recommend picking this up to try. And even though I didn't buy it, I will be repurchasing.

Melanie G.
good for nights out

I had never tried anything like this before, and was pleased with the results. The actual mascara, to me, was good but nothing special (my Sephora Atomic Volume blows it out of the water, for sure). The illuminator, though, was pretty neat and made my eyelashes sparkle. The directions say to put it on the tips of lashes for a slight sparkley effect, and on the entire lash for a more dramatic look. I did the full lash, and for some reason I kept seeing little flickers of light out of the corner of my eyes (perhaps it was the light reflecting off the sparkles). It was slightly distracting, but actually kind of funny. I found using it only on the tips of lashes is the best option, though, because it is perfect for an everyday look since it is just a subtle sparkle. I've been using it on-top of my Sephora mascara for work and it looks great!

Savannah S.
Not Enough

this is a basic mascara, the "illumination" wasnt enough to make a difference. My hubby said he couldn't tell a difference in my eyes standing out any more than normal, and he usually comments on my eyes when I make them my main focus. For sure a miss in my book

Heidi R.

Maybe I was expecting too much from this mascara but to be honest it didn't seem to do any illuminating. lol It was just like any other mascara. I tried it with different colors of eyeshadow and even just by it self and i got nothing. :/

Myrna P.

Doesnt add the sparkle at all in my opinion; at least I can not tell. I always try to choose according to eye color and this one is for Brown eyes.