Color Riche Lip Colour-Limited Edition Project Runway

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Pam E.
Pergect for my ombre look.!

This lipstick is worth it all the way.! After buying the shade "Mystics Kiss", I went back for the rest of them. Their shade alone is amazing, but the lip-gloss gives it an increasingly beautiful boost.! Only complaint is the fact that they will dry ou the lips, due to the high glitter content. Best way to prevent that is to invest in a good lip balm, and apply before. Other than that, I support all the way. Note: This is not my shade in this particular pic, I used The Mystics Kiss ;)

Carrie S.
So disappointed

I picked this color up back when they first came out. Normallly, I'm all over pinky nude colors so this color seemed perfect. However, after using it, it dried out my lips like crazy! Even prepping my lips beforehand and using a touch of gloss to keep the moisture going, my lips still dried out so fast. It's such a wonderful color though, if only it didn't dry my lips out!

Kristin K.
Perfect Fall Blushy Nude Lipstick!
Photo of product included with review by Kristin K.

This lipstick is really comparable to MAC's Blankety and Loreal's Fairest Nude. But I think it's a bit more pink, a little more "blush" nude, if that makes sense? It goes on really smoothly and it's a perfect Fall nude color. I love! <3

Stephanie H.
Gorgeous everyday shade!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

Out of all the lipsticks in The Project Runway Collections. This is by far my favorite! It is a gorgeous pink that can be worn day or night. It adds a little something to neutral make up. Then at night it transforms a dramatic look by making your lips the perfect shade of nudey pink that goes so great with a smoky eye!