Lolita Lempicka

Lolita Lempicka


Sarah C.
Wears super long!

This is one of my all-time favorites, there's nothing out there that smells like this. I would describe the scent as a licorice, spicy scent. Plus I can put this on at 6am, and smell it still at night- one of the longest lasting perfumes. I have a soft spot for it because it was the first expensive perfume I ever bought myself.

Anni H.

I just love this fragrances! :) the hint of vanilla is just perfect. Bottle is beautiful and girly :P I think that it is not too strong because the vanilla softens the smell.

Kym Yvonne P.

This is my favorite fragrance! The smell is amazing. My sisters are always borrowing this from me lol Its pricey but Amazon has great deals. I recommend getting the biggest size because youll be using it often :)

Charnell C.

I remember smelling this perfume in a swatch out of a magazine. It smelled so good that I tore the page out and kept it for two years until I was able to purchase it. I have a few more of Lolita's scents, but this is my all-time favorite. If you can find it, grab it!

Consuelo A.

i love this fragnce. Airy and light. Kinda pricey. Beautyfull bottle. It's a light day fragrance for any one who likes florals and isnt into heavy strong scents. Isnt over powering. Kind of like a memory. I recomend this for a day adn girly mood. Much more like inocensce growing up. Not yert a woman but no longer a child.

Joanna T.

My favorite perfume!!! I Love it!!! If you want to try something different, that's it! It's very special! I bought it twice! And when my second bottle will be finished, I will buy it again for sure!

Rachel T.
My go to fragrance!

This is my go to fragrance! I get tons of compliments on it, and a little goes a long way. It is such a unique scent. I've never smelled anything else like it!

MelissaLee V.
Love Love Love

My grandma actually had this and i swore i had to buy one myself because this scent is so airy but sweet smelling. It stays on all day with just a couple spritz. I love the look of the bottle as well.

Jenna G.

This was given to my by a girl i work with she got headaches from it if she had it on all day. Im always glad to try free perfume so i took it home and fell in love. I have since bought 3 bottles because that is how much i use it. It is my go to perfume for work everyday and luckily with it being on my she doesn't get headaches anymore

Jewels H.
I expected better

This perfume is really strong. I like strong scents but this is just too much. It smells like perfumy laundry soap, which may or may not be a good thing. I'm not usually sensitive to fragrances, but this one gives me a slight headache.