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Lippmann Collection

Lippmann Collection Nail Color

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Connie Y.

I only own one Deborah Lippmann nail polish which is Across the Universe. It was my first time ever spending so much on a nail polish so I just wanted to try it and see if it was worth it. I was looking for a glitter polish for the holidays. I've tried drug store brands like Milani to OPI. I feel that these polishes are nice, but not worth the money. If you can find dupes to any of the Deborah Lippmann nailpolishes then don't get it. Get it only if the color is unique...that was partially the only reason I bought Across The Universe. I have never seen any color as unique as this one & because of my love for glitter I had to buy it. I was thinking about getting Happy Birthday as well but I found a dupe to it already...Milani Jewel FX in Gems. Here are some pros & cons to this polish...

Pros: Across the Universe is a very unique nail polish and so far I have not found a dupe to this color. I love the name Across the Universe & it is seriously a galaxy on your nails! You get lots and lots of compliments. If you like high-shine/ glossy effect to your glitter polishes then get this one. The bigger hexagonal flakes are the shiniest ones. However it still isn't "bling bling" shiny. It's very discreet. The nail polish is definitely long lasting and it doesn't chip.

Cons: THE PRICE is probably the main con. This polish is $18+ which is really expensive. If you want an understated glitter effect than this is for you. However, if you want the full out glitter effect that is similar to the OPI glitter polishes, this is NOT for you. This nail polish needs a definite blue base. If you don't use a colored base, the nail polish requires 3-4 coats for full opacity. If you use a solid blue base, than 2 coats is enough. Removing this nail polish was such a nuisance. It is so difficult. So you have to wear as long as possible or else it is just plain annoying.

Overall, I am satisfied with this product. I will definitely recommend this to those who are obsessed with nail polish & just want a unique color like this in their collection. This color is rare to find and no other brands compare! If you are a begginer just starting off with nail polishes I do not recommend this brand as it is way to pricey.

molly m.
Razzle Dazzle, beautiful glitter polish

I received this in my glossy box, and i absolutely love this polish! The colour was razzle dazzle! I used 2 coats, and i had a lovely glittery finish! The packaging is lovely, i know these polishes are a bit more expensive, but they are worth the money.

Diann K.
Fun and unique

This is an awesome color! Yes, there are a LOT of gltitery reds out there, but this is quite unique! The larger red "pieces" of glttrt allow you to customize the look of the polish. It also looks good layered over black.

Nikki Z.
Soooo nice

I have ruby red slippers and I adore it. The DL formulation is fantastic and even though it doesn't really matter, the bottle is gorgeous! lol I love how ruby red slippers is a black base with a ton of red glitter. The look is soooo nice and doesn't get streaky at all.

Melissa H.
Very pretty, but not worth the price!

I have this in Dream A Little Dream of Me, which is a sheer shimmery pink with a blue duo chrome. It's a pretty color, but it's so sheer. I know you can put it over other colors, but for the price I want something with a little (a LOT) more pigmentation to it! I don't think that I would purchase another one!