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Jacqueline H.
Red Velvet Love

Out of all of the long wearing lip colors that I own, this is by far my favorite. The liquid itself is very thin but it packs a big color punch. I find that most liquid lipsticks either dry too fast or take too long to dry,and if you add additional layers, it'll usually lift and flake fairly quickly. Not this one. Once you apply it it is easily maneuvered and blended. You can also use different similar hues of lip liner with this lipstick. For a more deep vintage blue red, I outlined my lips with a wine colored lip liner, and applied this lipstick underneath my cupids bow and on the dead center of my bottom lip and blended the wine colored lip liner in with the lipstick. I then placed another small amount over the entire lip again and it looked phenomenal and lasted all day. No dryness or flake up. If you love red lipstick and/or lipsticks with matte finishes, this product is for you.

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Francesca G.
Good but not worth the hype

I bought this earlier this year when I hadn't heard of anything like this (lipgloss turned to matte lipstick) and was so excited to try it as it was hyped to the max. I wore it to a wedding and remembered to do everything to make it stay as long as possible (exfoliate, lip primer, pencil etc) but it only lasted for a few hours. The second time I used it it lasted slightly longer. Now I know of other companies that do exactly the same type of lip products but for a lot cheaper (including the new overhyped pink velvetine) so I doubt I'll repurchase. In the UK the brand MUA do lipgloss to matte lipstick for only £3.00 and they have different pinks and reds!

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Ruth B.
Photo of product included with review by Ruth B.

I bought this after reading so many great reviews and seeing the gorgeous colour & finish. It is so easy to apply that it is almost criminal. It stays and stays and just looks so beautiful. I can't wait for the Clueless Witch Velveteen Collection in March. :') This is definately a Lipstick every girl should have in her collection. <3

Kelly P.
Best new trend

Best red color and it goes on perfect like a smooth gloss and then dries like a matte finish. It stays on all day and looks perfect on every skin tone.

Nicole A.
Red Heaven

Wow this lippie is just amazing,The shade the texture, the wear,and the color. I have to say this must be the most unique colors of red I've ever seen. It lasts forever even when it fades it does beautifully all I do is touch it up with a bit of OCC clear lip tar and bam...xxoo

Deanna P.
Love it!

This is the perfect red shade. I think it could work for a lot of skin tones. I use a lip liner cuz it can be a little hard to precisely apply, however its worth it. It lasts a long time and its non drying.

Danni S.

Omg! I'm in love. Favorite red I own and should be a staple in anyone's beauty vanity. Even if you don't like the matte look, lime crime carries two red GREAT lipglosses to top. This stuff is beautiful and remains flawless looking most of the day. I barely ever have to reapply. Kiss, eat, drink, you're fine. The only thing is your lips will feel quite dry..just apply Chapstick. And remember-it feels dry but it looks wonderful! I can't go ten steps without a compliment. Also love how like crime is cruelty free! Looove this anyone looking for a great matte red should spend the few bucks!

Lily J.

love this!! i bought this as soon as it first came out because i fell in love with the color (red is my favorite color and i have a growing collection of red lipsticks) so i just had to have it! its so hard for me to pass up a good red lipstick color when i see it so when i saw this i didn't hesitate to purchase it. i wasn't disappointed either when it lasts all day and is non drying which is a plus. the color is the best part. i like applying 2-3 layers to get it to the perfect shade. definitely recommend this especially if you're a fan of red lipstick, this is a must in your collection!

Danyelle  G.
Beautiful shade of red

Love this stuff! Beautiful shade of red!! Not too drying for a matte. I get compliments every time I wear it. The color lasts all day! Would recommend this product.

Anisa F.

My cousin bought me this lipstick as a birthday present and OMG is it AWESOME! Best lipstick I've ever had. I put it on and it feels like there is nothing on my lips. Very long lasting too. I wore it 6 hours straight and had to use a makeup cloth to remove it. I get so many compliments on it too! :-)