Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Criminal Magic Dust Eyeshadow


Vania F.
Don't Bother

I purchased this product on clearance and I am still returning it. Even on clearance it's too expensive and there is very little product. I wanted to try the item for myself and give it a chance even after all the negative reviews. I purchased several of colors that caught my attention. The colors are not vivid the pictures on the website are way to vivid don't get me wrong you can get that color but you will have to layer on color or use a white base. I sadly have to agree with all the bad reviews about this product EXCEPT for the customer service I cannot complain about the customer service I had a couple questions and I billing issue when checking out and they were all both answered and my billing issue was resolved promptly and correctly. I was also was upset at the fact the box gives the illusion that the container will be bigger that what it really is, the the box has a spacer A SPACER, who does that? why? I will be returning all the magic dust that I purchased. I will keep you posted on my return experience.