Vanilla Coconut Roller-Ball


Molly O.
A coco vanilla dream

This fragrance will take you to a tropical island ,where you are drinking a pina colada and wearing all white. "Lavanilla" vanilla- coconut roller ball is easily applied and lasts all day. I like that the perfume comes in a convenient small roller-ball that can easily be placed in ones purse for re-application. I would highly recommend this product for women on the go that want to reapply their fragrance and don't want their scent to contain harsh chemicals. This fragrance never irritates my skin and is made from all natural oils. I have tried vanilla lace by Victoria's secret, but "Lavanilla" products do not contain chemicals and dyes and are packaged in a small rollerball that one is able to take with one anywhere. I will continue to buy this product and love that Lavanilla products only contain natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.