The Healthy Candle


Molly O.
Smells so yummy and doesn't give me allergies

Finally, a candle that smells delicious and isn't full of chemicals that cause allergies. I absolutely love how the vanilla coconut "Lavanilla" candle smells. Not only does the product come in a small carrying case that can be taken on vacations, but it can also be used at home, for aromatherapy. The smell of this candle is relaxing and I often light it next to bath tub, when I take bubble baths. I would recommend this product to those that love the smell of coconut and vanilla, but don't want to breathe in the chemicals that most candles emit. I have severe allergies, but these candles don't give me a headache or make my eyes itch. I have tried candles from Z gallery, Ikea, Target, but they contain chemicals that should not be breathed in and give me an instant headache. I love the Lavanilla "vanilla-coconut" candle and will continue to buy them because they are made with naturals ingredients.