Laura Mercier

Foundation Primer

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Theresa G.
Great Primer
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

I recieved this primer in a sample size and I am amazed on how well it works. A little deffinitly goes a long way. It is not sticky and makes applying foundation easy with out setteling into fine lines and hiding pores, Soon I will be buying the full size product. : )

Brianna G.
My all-time favorite primer

I cannot even begin to tell you how many foundation primers I have tried! I've also tried countless oil mattifiers (I have combination skin- but I get really oily in my T-Zone). Nothing keeps my makeup in tip-top shape like the Laura Mercier primer does! I first I received a deluxe travel sized primer from Sephora, and fell in love! I recently purchased the full size product. The price is extremely steep- $30- but I feel like it is worth it. You get 50 ml of product for the price- not too shabby! If you are in the market for a good foundation primer and don't mind splurging for a really decent one, definitely try this primer out!

Lauren C.

I received this product through a set when using points for a gift at Sephora. I really like this product. it is light and doesn't feel like you are wearing primer all day. There's no scent, it is very easy to use. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good primer.

Irian L.

I had gotten this primer from my dad. The primer works all day and night long. Doesn't give you that silicone feel. Just sinks into the skin, sets fast and makes application lovely and keeps it so fresh for hours and hours. The scent I just can't pin point it . All I can tell you it is very light it not too perfumey but the scent does go away after a few seconds of the application. I applied my makeup early in the morning get home late in the evening and to my surprised my face looks as good as to how I had it from the morning .

Is it worth trying ? Sure why not as long you can get pass the scent and if you are ok with the price

Andrea F.
Very well working, interesting smell...

This does EXACTLY what it says it will do. It keeps your foundation very fresh! Fresh is such a dead on word for what this primer does. It smells so weird though. Like the monkey area at the zoo. Or sour milk. I don't even know. I'm sensitive to smells though. The primer works great though. Doesn't give you that silicone feel. Just sinks into the skin, sets fast and makes application lovely and keeps it so fresh for hours and hours. I applied my makeup at 6am, got home at 5 pm and was so surprised at how fresh my face still looked. Worth a try!

Esperanza C.
Works great but smells funky

I actually received this as a gift from my husband. I think it works great. It keeps oil under control and it didn't break it me out ( which is a plus). However it smells kind of weird. If you can get past the smell you will love it. I personally have to hold me breathe for a few seconds until I cant smell it anymore. I am not too sure if I would repurchase this...