Laura Mercier

Face Illuminator


Nikki Z.

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this thing. I was on the search for it forever because I saw it in Sephora and literally GASPED when I swatched it. First of all, LOOK AT IT! Even though the packaging is less than impressive (so much for limited edition packaging) the product makes up for it hands down! And the other thing I like about it is the texture... it's not a straight up powder, it has a very soft almost gel/powder hybrid texture. It's hard to explain but it's soooo soft and allows the product to almost set more like a cream would without being a cream. It's just phenomenal. If you can get your hands on this while its out, GO GET IT.

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Samantha K.

This product is absolutely amazing. It's worth every penny. I do wish since it is limited edition that the packaging was well, more festive because honestly the case does this fabulous product no justice. When I first opened the product it was just so beautiful, and even today with how much I use it, I still can't believe I ruined the beautiful design. This is a must have and you should definitely get it, hands down best product ever.

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Sara B.

I just bought this but im already in love. its absolutly gorgeous almost so pretty i dont want to use it lol. but the colour is so amazing i def wont be letting this sit and look pretty in my make up amoire!!

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