Laura Mercier

Caviar Eye Liner


Daniela M.
daily ESSENTIAL for upper lid, nothing else compares!

OBSESSED. I've been using it for 3 years already.

I dip my MAC #266 angled brush (which, people at MAC insist is for eyebrows only, but I use it for both... total other story) into some water, press into the eyeshadow, and sweep it onto my lids to create the perfect upper lid lash line. It is PERFECT for cat eye, if you're going for that look (I just go with basic, thin line during the day...or thicker for night).

Prior eyeliner history: I used to used the Smashbox cream liner, but it was too goopy, would travel into the crease (gross), and wasn't as specific. Before that, I used to use regular black MAC eyeshadow, I would just dip my Mac #266 angled brush in water and it would turn into liner (exactly the way that the Laura Mercier one does). The problem with using the MAC eyeshadow as liner is that it didn't stay put, and black particles would be all over my face. Not with Laura Mercier!

I'm only halfway through my second one in 3 lasts a longgg time. The only drawback: not as time efficient as a pencil--but it's so worth the extra minute to get that specific line, right into the lash line, with full control...

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Catherine T.
Great for eye brows!

I needed something to fill my eye brows and this was perfect! I have dark brown/black hair and used Chestnut with an angle brush. The texture is nice and creamy and makes it easy to apply to the eyebrows. I feel like powder can be easily worn off but this texture makes it perfect for the brows!

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Rachael Y.
Great for tightlining

I fell in love with this product after the 1st use. How I use it is, I dip any of my angled brushes (usually my MAC 266) into some water then into the caviar. I tight line the bottom waterline and then the top waterline. What is so amazing about the product is that it lasts forever on your waterline. On days that I want a "no makeup, makeup look", I will use this as a eyeliner on the top lid. It is very subtle, yet really makes a difference in my makeup look.This product was worth every penny.

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Theresa G.
Something I never tried and extremely happy : )

I bought this eyeliner because I have never tried something like this before. I love the fact that it is water activated! I don't have to worry about the product drying out. I love it for a very fine line. On the lashline. And tight lining. Commonsense you wouldn't use it on the waterline if it's water activated. LoL

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