Laura Geller

Real Deal Concealer


Jennifer J.
A little goes a long way!

I just got the mini version of this concealer and it is hands down my favorite concealer already. Not to mention the mini "travel" version is SUPER CUTE. It doesn't look like a lot of product, but seriously, a little goes a long way. A tiny dot for each under eye area and that's all it takes. The product is creamy and blends like a dream and it will conceal anything. I love it and highly recommend it to anyone else who loves a good concealer!

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Maria L.
Sold on this product after just one use.

I got this in a "try me" kit I bought. I bought the kit so I could try the Balance and Brighten (which I love) and wasn't really looking to replace the current concealer I use. After just one application, I'm sold on this concealer. I used just a tiny bit under my eyes and blended it on the apples of my cheeks (where I have large pores) and around my nose (where I have broken capillaries). This product completely concealed everything and with the Balance and Brighten over skin is flawless. Today has also been a scorcher here in central Florida and the concealer has not melted off or moved. I'm buying this again.

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Daphne R.
Love It!

I adore most things Laura Geller - consistently great.

I switched over from Real Deal to Kat Von Dee Tattoo when i couldn't get the Real Deal at Sephora. I also use Laura Mercier's Camouflage.

I use concealor for under eye dark circles as well as other spots on my gave to cover redness (sides of my nose). The Kat Von Dee is lovely - but its a bit heavier than I like. That was never an issue with the Laura Geller.

I'll switch back as soon as the Kat runs out.

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Wafi A.
The REAL deal

This concealer covers tattoos. I didn't believe it until we tried it on someone. The colors are slightly limited, but you can definitely work it in. I find that if you put on too much it can look cakey and fake. I'd say use you fingers or something like a beautyblender for a natural look.

For the girls who seem to have really bad dark circles, or for anyone that wants to cover up some tatts for a change, this concealer is perfect.

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Kira-louise S.

This is one of the best on the market! It beats mac products hands down (can't believe I'm even comparing them!) a little goes a long way and covers everything from dark circles, spots, uneven skin tone and even scars! I have a small scar under the eye and nothing can ever cover it! Until now! One of my favourite products!

Lauri T.

I love most things Laura Geller as well, I use the balance and brighten as my only foundation..after bare minerals started to make my face itch after i wore it for a problems with anything from Laura Geller.

Stephanie H.
It is The Real Deal!

The Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer is the perfect concealer for my skin. I have dry skin so some concealers can look dry on my skin. I love this concealer because it is the perfect consistency for any problem my skin has. For under eye circles , it is not to thick. All I do is apply a bit to the back of my hand and use a fluffy domed brush and apply it under my eyes in a windshield wiper motions, then buff it in circular motions. I rarely get blemishes but I do have freckles/discolorations that I do cover up. Works like a dream=D

Alicia M.
Great Coverage! Worth every Penny!

Highly pigmented, thick consistency and provides excellent coverage. $20 for .70 oz. but a little goes a LONG way. I recommend only using a light layer for the under eyes as it has a tendency to settle into the creases if too much is used. Purchased mine at Ulta where they let you try it out before you buy it. Not reflective so a highlighter may also needed on the inner corner of the eyes if you're using it to cover dark circles.I highly recommend it as it's one of the best concealers I've found so far.

Louise R.

Balance & brighten is beautiful when swept over the concealer! The skin looks flawless and has a glow! I keep it in my bag to wake up my complexion after a long day before going out at night. Also, great to use for photos!