Laura Geller

Bronze-n-Brighten with Brush


Melissa S.

I got this for 33 dollars at Ulta, but i had a giftcard and really wanted to buy this. There was no brush included, so I got an ecotools brush to go with it. I actually use it where the sun hits, and occassionally all over my face and my neck! Evens out my skin tone, and the marble swirls always fascinate me (lol). The packaging is wonderful, and I love Laura Geller Products!

Morgan B.
nice, nice

I dont use this as a bronzer actually. I use each of the colors to create a nice, neutral eye. When I wear my glasses, I don't like harsh colors. These colors are sparkly, soft, and they blend nicely. It's not the best product, but it sure does last awhile.

Maria Q.

Well, In the past i used to use this awesome bronzer, everyday! For me, it's been the perfect bronzer until now. The colour is really pigmented, not too shimmery and not too dark, I think, suitable for most of the skin tones, BUT, after searching in the Cosmetic Database, I found out that was really toxic... I haven't used it since that! If you don't care about that, you must try it, but i don't recommended for those are looking safe makeup!