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HUILE DOUCEUR Remove-All Deep Cleansing Oil

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Deborah H.
Perfect Makeup Remover

This is my HG makeup remover.

Just one pump removes all of your face makeup, and depending on the amount, your eye makeup as well. If you bore a bold eye look, then another half pump will take care of it. Then when you splash water on your face, the oil turns into a milky soap and washes away. You don't need to rewash your face afterwards (though I usually do), making it perfect for all those nights when you just want to hurry up and get to bed!

But the reason this has become my HG makeup remover is due to how gentle it is. I don't recommend getting it into your eyes because you'll feel a slight film that blurs your vision, but it doesn't hurt or sting. Plus, other makeup removers, including Bifacil required too much rubbing which irritated the sensitive skin around my eyes.

It is slightly expensive, but it last a long, long time, and it's worth every penny! I definitely recommend.

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Nancy-Lee C.
Does everything promised.

I love this. You use 1 pump (2 if waterproof foundation), apply it to dry skin and it justs melts all of your makeup away. Add a little water and start the emulsion then rinse off. You do not have to follow with facial cleanser but you can if you wish. (I did). My skin was so smooth and soft. There was no greasy feel just moisturized. I stopped using it because it became out of budget for me @ $35.

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Jasmine Marie E.
So clean, so soft, so ahhhhh

This is by far may favorite cleanser ever. I had read all the hype about oil cleansers in the past couple of years but thought my routine was fine. But a friend let me try this and I was hooked, it has a soft smell, you don't need eye make up remover and I don't need to run and put lotion on the minute after I wash because my skin feels smooth and hydrated.