DUAL FINISH - Versatile Powder Makeup


Noli M.
Perfect for everyday!

I love this powder and use it every day. It's worth the price, then again, Lancôme is naturally pricy because of its quality. I love love love it. (For my fellow fair fair fair-skinned ladies- Of course, I was the lightest color possible😑 but it's okay because although I have always hated that I never tan, this powder gives such a great porcelain effect that I appreciate my fair skin! This was my first powder- actually my first makeup product I ever purchased for my skin. I have strayed to try other powders, but somehow, always return to my DualFinish. I recommend this to everyone! ☺️

Rebecca L.

When I want something quick (aka running late for work and I need to do makeup at stop lights) this is sufficient. It does have really good coverage for a powder foundation when applied dry. I usually spritz a fine mist of filtered water to get rid of the powdery finish. None of the numerous shades match me perfectly, but it's good least it doesn't make me look orange.

It does not keep my face matte for much time, however. Not even dewey. I get very shiny even when I use a primer. I noticed that once I used a Benefit primer and NYX concealer underneath this foundation and after 2 hours (in dry 50 degree Fahrenheit weather) it all looked like it could have slipped right off my face. I do use an oil-control regimen from Clinique but this happened regardless. It very well could have been the other products (I am overall unimpressed with the other two) but like I said I've previously noted it's matte shortcomings.

Jillian M.
Great coverage and leaves skin looking natural

I've been using this powder for about 2 years now and needless to say I'm hooked on it! I love the smooth finish it leaves on the skin and covers any redness without leaving the face looking so ghostly pale. It's the perfect powder to use alone over a moisturizer or primer for a more natural coverage but you can also use it over top a liquid foundation without looking cakey. I've tried other powder foundations but this one is by far the best one I've ever used at a great price considering how long it lasts me. Also keep in mind I have normal to dry skin with everyday redness and bumps along the edges of my face due to the skin condition I have called Keratosis pilaris, but I still find this product to work amazingly. I definitely recommend to everyone :)

Iva L.

I love this product! It's the best foundation I've ever had. The shade suits me very well and it looks very natural. It's great powder and it has amazing matte finish.

Chrisi P.

I've been using this product for years and I love it! I first bought this because I had surgery and I needed a light makeup to cover up my scar from the stitches. I've always worn this by itself with a dry application and it still does the job. The finish is amazing and it has excellent coverage. It looks very natural.

Amber W.
Photo of product included with review by Amber W.

Absolutely love this product! I always get comments on how flawless and porcelain-like my skin looks. This powder guarantees a matte finish. I use it alone for a simple light make-up day, or over top of foundation to give me a long wearing flawless look. I would recommend it to any woman.

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Cat L.
its great for light coverage!

When I'm looking for a light daytime coverage when my skin is behaving this is the coverage for me. But most of the time I'm looking for intense coverage so I use this over liquid foundation for a matte finish.

Jasmine P.
Great for a light feeling overall coverage!
Photo of product included with review by Jasmine P.

I've used this product since October and I have just went out to buy my second Dual Finish powder. This was recommended to me by a friend since she knows that I'm not a fan of liquid foundation as it feels very heavy on my face. This is the perfect solution to get coverage without it feeling heavy at all. It has a great silky finish that leaves your skin feeling amazing while being able to make your skin evenly toned. I even use it to blend my eyeshadow into my brow bone to make it look more natural.

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