CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base


Bridgette D.
Makes such a difference!

My lashes are long but are very flat. To use this product, I curled my lashes then applied this then one coat of the lancome definicils mascara. Wow! My lashes were given so much volume and length! They did look a bit spidery but I don't mind that. I love my lancome mascara but hopefully with this product I can use cheaper mascaras for the effect I want.

Lidija V.

This is amazing. I swipe this on my lashes and they make them look amazing full and separated! I have two used up sample sizes and I have also used one regular mascara by them (also a sample) I got more, and let me tell you.. I tried going one day without putting this on and my lashes fell out of the curl ( i curl my lashes) and they were flaking and everything and always use my regular mascara (hard candy ginormous lashes) this has made a HUGE difference in my lashes. I love that it is very very white so i can see it.

Stephanie A.
Can't live without it!

I received a sample of this as a member rewards gift set from Sephora. Had I never tried the sample, I would've never known what I was missing out on!

I never believed in eyelash primers because the ones I've used in the past did nothing for me.

However, this lovely gem not only conditions my lashes and make them healthier, but when I do apply mascara, my lashes are fuller and longer.

In my opinion, this product is definitely worth the price.

Marcela O.

I recieved a sample size of this lash primer as one those gifts with purchase. I loved it! It made my lashes long and thick and separated them nicely. I went back to buy the full size. This lash primer has lasted me a long time because not a lot of product is needed to coat the lashes, I only use about 2-3 swipes of this primer and then layer my mascara over it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a lash boost.

Piper O.
Very nice

It definitely made a different, it never clumped my lashes or left them stuck together, it coated each and every one giving them that extra lift i needed. Coated over with the Hypnose mascara and my lashes looked fake! I use this product every day, it's a must for all you girls who want the biggest lashes!

Chrisi P.

I was going through my makeup box and found this and I completely forgot how great this stuff is! It works wonders and definitely helps boost the length. I used Lancome's Definicils for length and then Lancome's Hypnose for volume after this primer! This combination of these products is my go-to mascara routine as of now!!