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BIENFAIT MULTI-VITAL SPF 30 LOTION - High Potency Daily Moisturizing Lotion


Amira A.

I love this, everything I need in a moisturizer. All of my skincare is Lancome, and every time I try to leave I always come back to it. I love it all.

Thyda L.
Wish it was cheaper.

I used to be obsessed with this moisturizer (I think this is a newer version of their 'total bienfait')... and I don't know how I was able to afford this moisturizer, but when my sister introduced it to me many moons ago, I loved it and was willing to spend my last dollars on it back in high school (so long ago). Anyway, I wish I was still able to afford this... a little goes a long way. Man... definitely going to budget myself so I can start affording this bad boy again. LOVE it.

Nila J.
LOVE this moisturizer, don't love the price!

I'm still not sure whatever possessed me to purchase such an expensive moisturizer ($68 for 2.6oz. Ouch.) but I gotta admit, I really like the formula of this. It is nice and lightweight, and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving your face feeling really soft and nicely hydrated. If the price is in your budget, or you're just feeling like you need to spoil yourself, this really is a nice moisturizer.