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CRÈME RADIANCE Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser


Camille V.
Love this cleanser!

This is the first cleanser I've tried where i truly feel like it did its job. It doesn't leave my face feeling tight or sticky. My skin feels super clean and fresh. Another plus is that it's really easy to wash off. I usually follow it up with Bright Expert from Lancôme and my moisturizer. Love love love.

Victoria R.
Great cleanser!

I cleanse with an acne cleanser one day then cleanse with this the next. I have really oily skin (especially on my forehead) but I find my acne cleanser tends to dry out my cheeks and nose. I feel like this cleanser really cleans my skin and makes it feel fresh without drying it out. It's really gentle and I think it would work great for sensitive skin too! I really love this cleanser though I can't get it to foam very much and it pretty much stays a cream when I use it. I also love the smell but some people might find it a little strange. For me I think the reason I like the smell is that I like the product and it makes my skin feel great so I associate the smell with feeling good. This product also lasts a long time! I have been using mine for a few months and it still feels completely full! This cleanser has made such a difference in my skin and I really recommend it!