Jaime C.
First and forever the only liner I'll ever use.

This is so true to the description - easy-to-handle. I'm kind of a perfectionist, and this liner makes my job so much easier! I have it in Brown and Noir and use both colors very regularly. Will definitely be repurchasing (again!)

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Elisa S.
Almost perfect.

Goes on smooth, dark, opaque. Stays on, no dissolving, flaking, chipping, anything. Great packaging, won't dry out. My only complaint with this eyeliner is the felt tip. While it's not fussy and is probably perfect for people new to liquid liner, it's not as precise as a brush tip. I'll line my eye with this, then use an e.l.f. liner with a brush to give my winged-out liner a sharper tip. I'd guess 95% of people wouldn't notice or care but I am a perfectionist ahaha

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Stephanie A.
Why did I wait so long?!

I've been searching for the perfect liner for quite some time now. I was too stubborn to pay the high price of this liner, and instead spent triple the amount buying countless other brands that can't even compare.

This liner is easy to apply, has the perfect consistency, and is long lasting.

I love it!

The Navy color is amazing as well.

Marissa M.
my favorite liquid liner

This is my favorite liquid liner ever!!! I love the felt tip applicator. The color is deep and long-lasting. Creates great thin and thick lines. Lancome constantly releases new colors for this liner (usually they're limited edition...but who doesn't love new colors?) Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new liquid liner!

Marria Y.
easy to use, nice foam tip

A staple in my cosmetic bag. I've used this for over 6 years and whenever I try another liquid liner I always find myself going back to this. I've had all the colors and loved the green/olive colored one as well as the Navy, but of course Noir (black) is my favorite.

Carolina Y.

I've tried many different liquid eyeliners since... well, let's just say for a veryyy long time. But after I started using Lancome Artliner, I can't use anything else! I've tried using other drugstore liquid eyeliners because it is a bit pricey for me right now but... I can't find anything that can replace this eyeliner. I recommend this to all my friends!

Janice M.
the best liquid liner ever!

CONS: 1. it's kinda pricey since we don't get that much amount of liner (need to stock up every 2/3months)

PROS: 1. it wont smudge 2. gonna stay for more than 12 hours (just lil bit fixing, but NOT a big deal-I hardly got into this situation) 3. it goes on very smooth which is I love 4. the tip of this liner is perfect! it really defines the name of the liner itself! precision point eyeliner!

OVER ALL: -worth it to try (or continuing to use it)

Michelle T.
love it !

definitely love this eyeliner, it gives you a very precise line and is very easy to use. It goes on very smooth because of the felt tip point. The only downside is the pricing but it is well worth it !

Dayana C.
I recommend it

I had before a Lancome eyeliner and i really didn't like it, it was very clumsy and I just didn't like it, one day my mom came and buy this one, I thought that it was gonna be the same as the other one, but when I try it I fell in love with this product because it hold all day long and it looked amazing let me tell you AMAZING! I love the brush but is not completely a brush because it haves like a stick that makes you make the line more perfectly I don't now but thats what I think. The point is that i recommended cause this liquid eye liner changed my life like FOREVER! I wont buy another one (i think i will buy another one, but this will be the best), I just will buy this for life!♥

Grace L.
Love Love Love this eyeliner.

So when I was first introduced to the bobby brown eyeliner I was super impressed that it was such a long lasting eyeliner with smooth fine application. Then one day I discovered the Lancome Artliner and I have been converted for life!

My biggest gripe with the Bobby Brown eyeliner was that I had to rinse my brush after every single application. With the Artliner I don't! All I do is shake to prepare it for use. Then line each eye. I only have to dip the liner back in the tube once per eye. It's such a great application! It's a super fine line so you can get that natural look with it. Then you can build on it for a dramatic look but it's definitely a precision point eyeliner as the name says. I will forever keep Artliner in my makeup bag!