Aquatique Waterproof Eye Color Base


Maricel A.
My holy grail eye shadow primer.

I love this eye shadow primer with all of my heart. I have tried so many eye shadow primers and this is still my holy grail.

This primer helps your eye shadow last for over 12 hours, prevents all creasing, brings out the color, you can even blend eye shadows so easily with this, AND helps it become waterproof. Once you blend out the primer over your lid you can not even see it. With this primer I was able to go swimming at the beach without my eye shadow or eye liner budging or disappearing at all. It also helped my eyeshadow last long hours of walking and clubbing at Vegas without any reapplication.

For its price, everyone should keep in mind that this primer last nearly forever. I have owned mine for over two years and I still have barely put a dent into it. This primer really does it all and I recommend this to everyone.

Jasmine Marie E.
Best kept secret

Aquatique eyeshadow primer is AWESOME! It works so much better for me than UD Primer potion, Too faced's shadow insurance or the sonia kashuk primer. Plus the little pot lasts forever and I think it really helps to not only hold the shadow you are wearing but to blend it out. It also comes in Nude or Deep, so you can match you skin tone better, but i also like using Deep to deepen my neutrals. I am so glad I found this product!

Rina N.

This was my first ever eye primer. The first thing people always say is that its pricey. Well it is $25! But, for the quality I would totally recommend. I got this product in my sophomore year of high school. Through out high school I would always wear eye makeup! So, with that said this little thing lasted me till the summer of my Freshman year in college! Wow! So, for $25 you get to keep this for around 3+ years. Now, if you buy other type of liquid product you will be running out after a couple of months or so. So, it might be a lot of money but it will definitely last you a lot longer. You only need an extremely small amount. One thing though it does dry up if you don't use it often. If that happens just warm up your finger by rubbing it vigorously on your palm and try to rub on the product to warm it up! Definitely recommend!!

Janice E.
The BEST!!!

I've tried alot of eyeshadow primers but Lancome Aquatique beats them cant beat waterproof,crease proof and its matte and can double as a concealer and the lovely thing about this product is that you dont have to use so much product and works on all eyeshadows including high end to drug store.I cant live without it!!

Danielle K.
Will not budge

I came across this a few years ago, and have not switched ever since. I had previously used UD primer potion, a few of the Benefit primers and Smashbox Eye Primer and by the end of the day my eyemakeup mysteriously always evaporated. Not with this Lancome Aquatique! As the previous reviewer said, it is pricey but well worth it in my opinion!

Erin H.
Never creases, but pricey.

This stuff will not budge. I have applied makeup in the morning, wore it all day, fell asleep in it, and woke up STILL without having one small crease in my eye makeup. Because of that, though, you definitely need to use a good eye makeup remover to get it off after. The one drawback to this stuff is that it's a little bit thicker than primers such as UD Primer Potion, so they are harder to use if you're using a liner or shadow stick as a base. Aquatique is AMAZING with shadows that are already pigmented on their own. You don't have to pack on as much shadow for the base to pick up the true shade. It's a really great product and, thank god, it lasts forever.. because it's a tad pricey.

This also works great as a concealer for problem spots on your face.