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Ladies & Gents

Ferrum Professional Styler


Jill R.
Less damaging and less "flat"ness than any other flat iron

The Ferrum Styler is truly unlike any other flat iron I’ve tried! One plate is tourmaline-coated ceramic; the other, the one you put on the outer side of the strand you’re ironing, is non-heated(!) and covered in soft fabric. The latter is meant to let hair breathe while also causing less damage. What I noticed most is that it heats up fast (140–450 degrees) and it doesn’t make my hair flat. It smoothes it and makes it softer and better-looking, yes, but also voluminous. The plates are beveled so that if you can easily do a little flip at the ends for movement. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another iron after trying this one. Pricey, yes, but in line with other professional hair tools and well worth it.