La Roche Posay

Effaclar Duo


Izzy M.
Good quality product, but the results come much later!

I use it daily after I wash my face, almost three times per day if I have time in my hands and I can say that is a great product for oily skin, also a good primer: it really helps the foundation glide easily and the T-zone isn't that oily throughout the day! The only flaws is that it takes far more than three days for the results to be visible, and the blackheads/pimples under the skin won't dissapear by just using the product! Apart from that, it worths every cent.

Branka P.

This treatment was not bad, but I still didn't get the results I was hoping for. When i bought it, my skin was going through a problematic period, being not only oily, but also acne-prone (due to hormonal imbalance). The official website describers Effaclar Duo as quite powerful and I decided it just might be the thing for me. However, I found that it did not decongest my pores as well as I had hoped. And believe me, my expectations were not too high. I am well aware that skincare is not almighty and that it can only work so far, but I had very few results with this treatment. I'm guessing there was just not enough salicylic acid in it to help my skin. However, I would recommend it to those who do not have big areas of concern and who are not prone to big break outs. It's not a bad treatment, but simply not a very powerful one.