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Directions Hair Colour

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Jennifer H.
Love it, but expect fading

I have used a lot of directions semi permanent colours recently, combining them, dying over eachother etc. I found this is a fabulous range of colours and it makes my hair feel really nice once I've dyed it.

I would suggest getting more than one tub for a full head of hair as you'll find you need to top up a lot through out the time you keep your hair whatever colour you go for. I dyed over bleach blonde hair and the brightest colours have gone to pastel shades, but I still think it looks really nice. Expect to be stared at with these brightly coloured shades but they are so worth the awkward glances! The oclour will fade but top ups are simple.

Emilee L.
Brilliant price!

This is the best product to get if you want to have a flash of colour through your hair. When I had blonde hair I bought so many colours and applied this to the underneath of my fringe and the ends of my hair. It's easy to use and odour free! I wouldn't recommend using this product on an awful lot of hair as it works more like a paint rather than a permanent hair colour. It fades pretty quickly but it's so easy to just reapply or add a different colour :)