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Liquid Eyeliner


Moda D.

This is the BEST liquid eyeliner I have ever used. I use this liner on a day to day basis.. for me a cat eye with black liner and mascara or demi wispies lashes depending with some gloss is my everyday look. It is nice and black how I love my liner to be and it does not flake or fade its stays on throughout the entire day. I love this liner and its only 4 bucks at the most. Affordable and great quality? Amazing..

Danielle H.
My Best Eyeliner Ever

I have been using this eyeliner for years and have had no problems with it. The brush is very thin and precise, ideal for the winged cat-eye look that I wear daily. The makeup does not smudge or flake and can last all day in extreme weather. I live in Texas and work outside all day and it doesn't melt or mess up at all. You get a lot in one little tube and for only $1 at most stores(including Dollar General and Dollar Tree).

Stefani M.
love love love!
Photo of product included with review by Stefani M.

This is one of the few eyeliners i have been able to try...and i love them. they don't flake off in the middle f the day, and goes on boldly with no streaks! the brush is pretty precise so its great for fine lines and face designs. this lasts all day and i would recommend it to anyone with a low budget... yes. it is VERy affordable. YAY DOLLAR STORE!

Shenandoah S.
I can't believe this works so well.

Who would have known that I could have found one of my top 3 eyeliners at the dollar store? I really love the way the brush is designed! I don't know why but I seem to do better with less.. control? I mean.. I have a lot of control with it but.. you understand how other ones are designed so you'll have a lot of control! This one isn't designed like that! However, it was my first liquid eyeliner! It has a lot of pigmentation and it's LONG LASTING! Sometimes it blows my mind to think that a dollar store company can make such a good product! :) The brush tip is really fine, so it's easy to work with! :) I just love this!