L.A. Colors



Holly B.
good lipglosses

i actually got all the colors except the really dark ones since it doesn't look good with my skin tone. they are not that sticky and actually stay on so that's good and they don't dry out your lips. I got mine at dollar tree and family dollar for a dollar each. And Walmart has them cheap too

Julia J.

I like the clear one very well. Its smooth and smells really good. But the pink one, I have a problem with. ts so sticky. It fell on my hand once, and it took forever to take off. And the rim of the lpgloss breaks really easily.

Kristen A.
LOVE these!

I have the Pink Pearl and the Blushing Pink. I adore these glosses! The color payoff is great, they aren't sticky, they smell great and last a long time! Plus, they really are moisturizing. No drying here! You can't beat the price of $1.00. I recommend these to so many people. Try one! For a dollar you can't lose!

Elize M.
Smells Good

I llike these because they are $1. You dont get very much pigmentation but they smell great. Think its good for just a quick day makeup, carry in purse, && natural look....