L.A. Colors

Eye Pencil


Shauna M.
I like it :)

I use black, it comes with two pencils and a pencil sharpener, and it's just a dollar so I can't complain about the price. It wears off fairly easily but it's great if you mess up or smear it easily because it comes off easily. While my favorite eyeliner is a more expensive brand from Hot Topic called Blackheart since its prettier looking, from my favorite store, and lasts longer, this comes in pretty close. I definitely like to keep several so I have some a home, in the car, and in my bag for emerginceys since I always wear Raccoon eye makeup. I'm 15 and haven't used anything like Mac but I like it :D

Randi R.
Great, Never go without it

I Love this brand inexpensive and great quality it does wear off a bit but what eyeliner doesn't. I know for some its not the greatest but i am a bragin hunter and 2 eyeliners for a $1 sounds like a deal. Don't doubt it till you try it!