L.A. Colors

Auto Eyeliner


Tyni R.

I expected it to be not so good since it's cheap but it's actually good. I have white, black, and black/brown. Reminded me of Jordana eyeliners. Affordable but performs well. It's creamy so it doesn't hurt when I tight line. I use eye primer before applying liner so that it would stay longer and in place. It's not waterproof though.

Dallas Lynne S.

My mom bought me this eyeliner because it was an auto eyeliner and it's a pain in the butt to sharpen a pencil eye liner. Although the product goes in smooth and lasts a long time, there is not much product in the eyeliner tube itself. I haven't bought this since then, but the only way I would recommend this to anyone is you don't apply eyeliner everyday like I do, if you do its defiantly not worth the buy.

Emily G.
Hoped for the best...

I hoped for the best with this product since the price was cheap and I needed a new brand of eyeliner. This eyeliner doesn't like to show up at all. I've tried it many times with the same result.