Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment


Sammi W. Team
worth it

I like this product a lot... I notice my eye bags lessen and seem to be brighter when I use it. I also like the packaging, how you can just squeeze it out bit by bit vs. dipping your fingers in a pot.

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Kahleesi B.
really wanted to like

this is the only "eye treatment" that is not intended for the upper lid. The price point is high and the fact that its only for half the eye (less than really) makes it not worth it.

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Whisheika C.
quick results

I've been using this for 4 or 5 days but it looked like after the 1st day I could see a bit of difference. I have really dark undereye circles because of allergies and dry eye condition. This is really helping the darkness.

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Rose K.
It's lovely~

I personally have a mild obsession with roses so that's what initially grabbed my attention, but it works wonderfully. My eyes are much brighter after only a day or so, so it works as fast as it claims to. Getting rid of the darkness there helped light up my entire face, so overall I'm very happy with it! Plus it's mostly natural ingredients!

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Honey E.
Expensive but amazing!

It works wonders! Contains 81,5% natural ingridients and doesn´t contain parabenes, mineral oils or silicones etc.PH-neutral The only bad thing is the price, it´s expensive.

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