Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream


Jillie C.

This is by far my favorite moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, smells incredible and imparts a great luminous finish to the skin. The newest formula does not contain an SPF ( a lot of natural lines no longer include SPF because it takes a way from the natural quality) and a lot of people say the don't like the newer formula, but I think it is exactly the same. Definitely a must have for anyone who wants a basic moisturizer that does it's job and creates a nice glow.

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callitbeauty D.
Saved My Skin!

A few months ago, I was dealing with extremely dry, sensitive skin. I had rough patches on my forehead & all around my jaw, and any drop of moisture that touched my skin would cause a stinging sensation. This moisturizer really helped calm all the irritation down and the very first time I used it, I felt immediate relief and my skin felt instantly moisturized. Within 3 days, the rough patches and sensitivity diminished considerably. On top of that, the product smells absolutely lovely! My skin is no longer sensitive, but I'll definitely keep this product on hand, just in case.

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Victoria S.
Really nice texture, ambivalent about pot packaging

I was looking for a nice night cream to moisturize my 20 something sensitive and combination skin. Wild Rose is a great option! Korres has really wonderful skincare formulations and this one is no exception. It smells like fresh roses and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. I'm not so sure how effective the SPF 6 is considering that I wear it at night, and SPF 6 is paltry compared to my daily SPF 50 (stay of the sun, kids!) Not sure about its claims on healing brown spots; I didn't notice a change over a few weeks. However, my skin was continually soft and moisturized, sometimes too moisturized! Not so sure I love sticking my fingers in the screw top packaging, but it's not annoying me enough to deter a purchase.

I think I want to try other Korres moisturizers before I come back to this, but definitely don't discount getting a sample of this if you're looking for a light, non irritating night moisturizer to feed your skin :)

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Natalia A.
Favorite Moisturizer

I usually never use facial moisturizers/ washes with scents, but this is the exception. This cream makes my face feel smooth and healthy, provides long term moisture, and immediately makes my skin look brighter and glowing. A little goes a long way.

Allie K.
Wonderful Light Moisturizer

I was previously using a Lush moisturizer but when it emptied I wanted to try something new. I turned towards Korres Wild Rose 24 hour moisturizing and brightening cream and fell in love. This moisturizer is very light and sinks in extremely quickly. It leaves the most beautiful finish and works well as a sort of primer under makeup. The scent is also very light, I think it may even be unscented since whatever fragrance is hardly detectable. The only down fall is that I find that at night it is not thick and moisturizing enough. I mix this cream with my jojoba oil at night and it works perfectly. During the day however, this is the perfect amount of moisture. I definitely plan on repurchasing when I am finished with the tub.

Helen Z.
Great Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer for quite some time now. For the most part I like it because it provides my skin moisture unlike other moisturizers. It gets rid of my dry skin patches once applied and did not break my skin out. This moisturizer lasts a long time. A little lasts a long way, a great inexpensive moisturizer. The only down side is that my skin seems to look a bit oily as the day goes by. I usually don't look oily and don't need to blot, but I guess I know that my skin is moisturized.

K K.
Good light moisturizer with soothing rose smell

This has the loveliest subtle rose scent to it! Although I'm in my 20s, I have VERY dry skin, so it isn't moisturizing enough for me in colder weather, but in spring and summer, I love this cream. I do think it is "brightening", and my mood is definitely "brightened" when I use it, thanks to the sweet smell.

very lovely product, good for moisturizing during colder drier months, really relieves dryness pretty much overnight. has a nice faint scent. absorbs quickly. the texture and thickness is ideal. I think I'm going to check out more Korres products!