Kaye O.
Love the scent

I forgot how many bottles I've gone through but I love the scent. It has a elegant subtle scent and the bonus is the positive image of Korres products. Gotta try it!!

Beth D.
Lovely scent!

Such a nice shower gel: it's moisturizing, gentle to the skin yet it cleans thoroughly, and has a lovely rose scent that's not too strong. I also love that it is a natural product without unhealthy additives. I definitely recommend this shower gel!

Michele M.
Wonderful smell. smooth lather and ample moisture

When I first got this I smelled it and fell in love. Korres is a great line and I have many of the products. This was the first time I bought a body wash from them and I am very impressed. The fragrance is perfect not too overwhelming like others are. It has a good lather and leaves me feeling clean and moisturized. I would recommend this to my friends.

Donna L.
Love this scent!

This is the best body warsh that I have ever tried and that's a lot of body warsh! You only need a small amount because it's consent rated !i will allways use this!

Amy L.
Heaven in a Bottle

I received a sample of the guava a few months back in my Birchbox. I fell in love instantly. The shower gel creates a great foaming lather, with or without a loofa. The smell is fresh, clean and natural. Aside from being thrilled about the lack of "toxins" in this product, I was even more excited when it did not irritate my skin. Most drugstore shower gels cause my skin to break out in small red bumps or even cause acne and this shower gel was the first I've tried that did not negatively affect my skin. Overall I would certainly recommend this product to girls with sensitive skin. The only downfall is the price.

Gracey W.
Smells yummy!

I don't have anything bad to say about the guava shower gel! It smells like yummy fruit and it lathers nicely and leaves a nice fruity smell on my skin, but it's not over powering. The only thing I don't like is the price, it's about $20 so I would repurchase, but use it sparingly.

Deanna C.
love love love!!!

Everyone must try!!! The guava smells incredible, just want to eat fruit when i smell it! lol I'm running out just like the body butter and I'm getting sad! :( but this is definitely worth it a bit pricey like I've said but Korres knows what they're doing an the natural products I'm totally into!