Stamp & Scraper Set II


Kaitey R.
Practice practice practice!

This is a good product one you get the hang of it. Make sure you put plenty of nail polish on the image disc and always use a top coat to keep the design on the nails for longer. It's easy to use, just takes a bit of practice.

Sara D.
Takes time to get used to

Once you figure out how to get the fill design to transfer onto your nail, it's a great product. When I first got it, it frustrated me to no end but then I finally got it and now I want to use it all the time.

Patience is key with this product and if it doesn't work the first couple times, try it a different way and you will eventually get the hang of it. :)

Lia W.

i love this product so easy to use every one was asking how i did it and i said i used konad so easy to use . you have the use the correct nail vanish outer wise it wont work.

Courtney L.
Quick quick quick

There are 3 secrets to getting this thing to work properly 1. use pure acetone not regular nail polish remover 2. you have to be quick if you wait to long to apply the design the surface will dry and the design wont transfer 3. Try to use the actual Konad polishes the color pay off is usually better, although it will work with regular polish (tip: use a nail file to "rough-up" the stamper every once and a while, helps with the design transfer)

Amelia Z.

This thing NEVER works. I only end up with half a design or it doesn't go on at all. Now that I read Mercedes S's review, I will try it again with thick nail polish and hopefully that will work.

Mercedes S.

i love this thing! its sooo easy to do my nails now! and with great quality too! the only thing is dont use this with regular nail polish because it wont work well. unless the nail polish is very thick and old

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