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Rae S.
A Bit Gimmicky

I got this for Christmas last year and so I don't know how much this actually cost, but I have a feeling that it wasn't too expensive. Even so, I would probably recommend buying the stamp plate and scraper separately if you're interested in them as the nail polish itself is pretty horrible. The overall premise is good though; it allows you to apply polish in cute designs without a steady hand worthy of brain surgery, even for your non-dominant hand. What you do is prep and paint your nails a couple of coats before hand, choose the design you want and working quickly you: paint over the design in your chosen colour, pull the scraper gently and evenly over the design to remove excess, press the stamp into the design, and then immediately apply to your nail. Polish will dry fairly quickly on the stamp so be careful. Also, you may want to keep wet or polish removal wipes close at hand to clean between applications. After using this product it made me think how nice it would be to have more selection. As an alternative I suggest buying the stamp and scraper by themselves and then perhaps finding a local business that does laser etching to make you up a plate with designs of your own choice, such as a local trophy shop.