Conditioner with Magnolia


Susan N.
A Must for Me

I really like this conditioner. I did take off a star for 2 reasons: one, because of how thin the product is. It can be hard to apply. The other reason is because it's so darn hard to open the tube I've been purchasing this for a few years now and opening it never gets easier. Note: it can be a nail breaker!! That being said, my hair is very long and thin and it can be challenging to find products that don't leave my hair limp. I really like that the Klorane with Magnolia leaves my hair feeling strong, healthy. and looking shiny. The shampoo and conditioner have been part of my hair care regime (I use them along with other products on a weekly basis) for quite a while now and I don't see that changing. It doesn't smell great, it's not bad, just so so, when I want great smelling hair I use another product. The container is tamper proof, which is kinda funny because I can't open the opened tube without a fight. I"m more than willing to sacrifice great scent for how it make my hair feel. I also started to transfer it into a container that's more welcoming. Who knows maybe it's me? If you have long thin hair, I'd give it a try.