Maitha A.

i took it from my mom perfumes try i was so exicted to try it because i trust kim kardashion choices and really the perfume never let me down elegent & classy it works for night more than day time

Kenya P.
I LOVE IT!!!!!! <3

This is AMAZING perfume. I recommend it to every girl. Smells amazing(: I will deff. be ordering some more when i run out!!!! i also want to try her other perfumes.. i bet there as good as this one!!!

Carla G.

The Kim K perfume that i own is the gold one, my bf gave it to me for valentine's because im a big fan of hers and i love it!! it smells like an expensive perfume, very classy and sexy.

Georgie E.

my sister got me this for my birthday (knowing my love for Kim) I usually go for very sweet fruity scents and this is so different to all my others! It smells very sophisticated and feminine, not too sweet. But a hint of floral :)) defintley a perfume for the night time or a special occasion!

Jasmine H.

I adore this! The smell is absolutely beautiful and fits together completely. I do think the smell could last a bit longer but other than that it is absolutely beautiful. I love Kim and even if you don't you will adore this smell! It's perfect for pretty much anyone

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Nik Von B.

I got this perfume as gift, again from my sister (she is the best)!! Not only do i love Kim Kardashian, but this perfume is divine! It smells so luxurious. Very floral, a drop of Patchouli and Gardenias! I love gardenias, so yum. Before I got this perfume, I read a lot of negative reviews about it. When I went to the store to sample it, the sales girl said "Ugh, now that smell is going to linger in here and I am going to barf". Wow. I think people need to put their feelings aside for Kim Kardashian and BUY THIS SCENT! I totally recommend it.

Abbigail C.

I LOVE this perfume it smells so delicious and I use it all the time. I am a huge Kim Kardashian fan and this smells soooooooo good. The bottle is very pretty and the scent is long lasting, I have tons of perfumes like all the shelves in my bathroom are filled with perfumes and I must say this is one of my favorites.

Zsi P.
Reminds me of ....

When I purchased i new the scent reminded of something I already had ...after check my collection I realized it smells almost exactly like an old versace perfume called jeans couture

Tiara R.

I love it and I use it all the time I also like this cause the sent is long lasting.i also like the way the bottle looks one of my top ten perfumes

Kristina K.
Great packaging...that's it

I purchased this right when Kim released it. I'm not a fan at all. It was way too hyped up for what it proved to actually be. It's very, very strong and honestly smells like "old lady" perfume. The bottle, packaging, and logo are the only things that are really good about this product.