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Kiehl's 'Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Ynna Z.

I'm so in love with this product. One of the best face moisturizer ever! I could see the glow in my face every morning thanks to this product. The scent relaxes me before I go to sleep.

Miriam H.
A miraculous product!

I love how it makes my skin perfectly soft and moisturized overnight. Doesn't caused me any breakouts. In fact, it also reduced my acne problems especially the scars which is also one of my major problems! I highly recommend this product! Gotta love Kiehl's!

LibertyPaige X.

this works amazing on all types of skin, my skin changes all the time between dry (when i ride my moped alot) to oily or just normal but it works all the time, ive been using this for about a year and a half and its done wonders! remember start early as prevention is better then trying to cure old wrinkly skin!!

Dunia M.

This elixir works amazingly! One of my beauty staples for sure! You only need about 2 drops for your entire face and it's best used after you've washed and toned your face. I use my hands to apply it and when I wake up, my skin is instantly brightened and noticeably softer. I try not to use it more than once a week as your skin does get used to products if you use it too much.

Sckye A.

Even for a single drop, this product works great for me. I use it every night and it really helps to make the face look more glowing and radiant in the morning. Eyes are also less puffy as compared to those days without application. Smell is so so and during summer, I sometimes wake up with an oily nose. But no breakouts. It might look tiny for the price but it really lasts long - I'm on my 7th month now and the bottle is barely 1/4 empty.