Kevyn Aucoin

The Super Soft Buff Powder Brush


Araceli T.
Great powder brush

You won't have problems picking up powders with this dense brush. It's wonderful. I have to go light-handed with this one.

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Kitty K.
Great Buffing Brush!

I have dry skin and I was skeptical of this brush. I have a couple of cheap brushes that are softer, however it always ends up exfoliating my face and leaving dry flakes everywhere. I usually avoid buffing anything into the skin but for some reason unbeknownst to me I decided to purchase this brush. The first day I bought it, I looked at it and left it on display on my vanity. I told myself I was completely and absolutely nuts and out of my mind. I have softer brushes, what was I thinking? Well, one day I was daring enough to actually try it out and let me say not ONE flake was in sight. I don't know what Kevyn Aucoin puts into his brushes, apparently fairy dust and unicorn spit mix of some sort. His foundation brush was like magic and this buffing brush makes any foundation application look ~flawless. This brush continues to come with me everywhere I go and I hope to use it for other purposes as well. If you have dry skin, this one will not leave you looking like dandruff sprinkled all over your face!

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Inga I.
Amazing, super soft blender
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This brush is simply must have for those who are having big pore skin or the ones who love perfectly blended make up. It is a finishing blender brush. It is super soft and blends in product in pores perfectly! I love using it also applying bronzer on the neck and decolte. I blend my cream contouring with this brush as well. I also apply blush with it. It is a multitasker brush even though it looks big and clumsy:) i have it over year and not a single hair has felt out. I think it is the best brush of their line. use it every single day so it paid off.

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Alli S.

Made out of goat hair??? Cruel................... Goats don't deserve torture all for makeup brushes........ This is stupid!!!!!!! Never gonna buy any animal tested stuff or animal hate stuff I'll stick to occ and urban decay and hourglass!.!.! Sorry kevin aucoin

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