Kevyn Aucoin

The Neo-Setting Powder


Zhang B.
As highlight, not bad.

This product is absolutely not supposed to be used as a setting powder. But love the overspray. The reflect is so beautiful. Maybe you can release a overspray highlight? The powder underneath is also too brightening to be a powder, but it can be a soft highlight.

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Sue D.
Watch Tati's video on Youtube

Sprayover: yes. Highlighter: not my kinda shade or style (too white > too ashy on me, no light reflecting without sprayover). Eyeshadow: joke (not longlasting no matter what shadow's beneath it, without a shadow beneath, Urban Decay primer, MAC Painterly Pot, different brushes or finger etc.). On top of a lipstick as an effect: without the overspray noooo. As a setting powder: haha, oh hell no. Go on Youtube, watch Tati Westbrook's (Glamlifeguru) Video including that product and you'll see what it does as a setting powder (actually quite entertaining if you're feeling a little sadistic). As a finishing powder: not for me because if I am applying a white powder (after using up the overspray) I don't want greyish skin (and btw, I'm a rather pale person and love – as an example – white HD Finishing Powders).

I usually agree 100% with what so many Youtubers say: "Not every product works the same for everyone. Just because I don't like it it doesn't mean I don't like the brand overall or that I think you shouldn't use it" and so on. But in this case: DO NOT BUY. I really cannot imagine how anyone could like it, no matter your shade, skintype, style, preferences, eyesight etc. If you're really curious (I understand), borrow it from a friend or go to a store and apply it to your face (kinda gross, yes, but spending that cash for the most horrible powder in the world is even worse in my book.) Needless to say, I got rid off that product after trying it in so many different ways (see on top) over a couple of months.

The Neo-Bronzer and Neo-Limelight are better – not must-haves but I enjoy both. (Not sure yet if I'm going to leave a review on those products.)

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Brigitta B.
Nice and smooth finishing powder

I have the little one from the Neo Trio I have got in hands a week ago and I am using it on an everyday basis as my finishing powder. It is true that it has a spray over, but it is the most beautiful rose shifted champagne highlight you would not like to loose. It would only serve you at the beginning, once it is gone you got to the powder, OMG, so smooth and has a slightly pearlescent finish (e.g. like Guerlain Meteorites). I love it, it makes me look flawless with a nice blur effect and it doesn't get greasy on my combination skin. I still reserve the highlight on one end and just use the opposite. :)

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this is not a power, but it is a good highlither!!! natural and special, I love it. In addition, it can make my face so fancy and delicate.

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Teri A.
Needs another name...

First, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, I am a fan. One of the few lines that pretty much hits a home run with every release. But I have to be honest, with the Neo Setting Powder I felt a bit duped. I thought there would be a gradient shade range no shimmer to full shimmer. Instead I got a highlighter with a major overspray of super highlighter. Once the overspray has been touched you are left with a pearl white highlighting pressed powder. It is definitely pretty; longevity is good and the product layers well. I would have skipped this purchase had I known the full details.

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Debra L.
Spray over

I was so disappointed to see that the surface of this powder had an iridescent over spray gradient. Step 1 brush off over spray. Step 2 put in a drawer until I'm not angry about the overspray. Step 3 Try powder.

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