Kate Somerville

24 Hour Pimple Punisher


Charlotte J.
Great product

I need this for my daughter. She is having bad break outs and this is a great product to remove them fast. May get her this week and surprise her. Shell love this

Dani H.
It's alright...

It does a good job with getting rid of existing spots, but it does very little for preventing future flare ups. I wonder if that's because of the products I used..? I'll have to do a little test with this one. Anyway, I'd recommend it, but for eliminating existing pimples. As for the tube itself, it's kind of flimsy. I don't even want to try carrying it in my purse in fear that it may burst. In my opinion, they could give it some better packaging, considering the price.

Kate Y.

I got this as a gift from my aunt and I could not be happier. :) There's an AM and PM gel and between the two, I adore the PM formula. Considering that I have really oily skin and absolutely stubborn acne, this is one of the few products that has managed to control and treat my acne. For my skin, It's not as harsh as Eradikate but does the job well. I will say that the packaging needs a bit more improvement especially for the price, as it is really flimsy since the tops feel like they could snap anytime (that's probably just me though)

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Raji R.

I am new to This site and when surfing the site I come across this great product and I think I need to get one and use it to see how perfect it works, where can I get it in Nigeria ? Most especially Lagos or Abuja the FCT of the country

Shelly M.

Iv never tried any of this stuff,so ill just give my rating on how I think it will work. anything that gets rid of pimples has got to be good.pimple punisher appears small enogh to take with u and still keep hiden.

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