Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - True Love


Yvette C.
My favorite Kat Von D Palette
Photo of product included with review by Yvette C.

The colors are to die for! Very pigmented, very velvety and bold. I created a tutorial using this palette and was loving the results! <3 The only thing I can advise is: DON'T DROP IT because it will shatter like a mirror...

Sophie M.

i really enjoyed and loved this product even the gold. i use it on clients and they love it. i do use the gold alone with just my finger and i smoke out some pencil liner with it. The gold doesnt really work with the rest of the shadows. not sure honestly why its even there. lol however, since i have the whole palette why not use it all and make the best out of it.

Allison R.
Awesome Product!

I love the quality of these eyeshadows, all except Benji for a cream shadow it's not super creamy, I just did an in depth review of this palette and the individual shadows in it on my blog, check it out!


Nikki Z.
Great colors

I love this for either a gorgeous purple eye or a nice neutural brown eye. Kat's eyeshadows are so nicely pigmented, blend well and last long. And omg the packaging on this is literally to die for. I love displaying these when I am not using them

Coco M.
The colors are brilliant, except for the shimmery gold.

My sister let me borrow this palette from her. The colors all stayed on well in the heat and were very pigmented, except for the gold. The gold was hard, and you couldn't even get it on the brush! I went to Sephora to get one for myself, and the gold was the same way there! If you don't mind not having the gold, it's a great palette.

Tina L.
Love thiiis!

This palette is awesome, and what's even more awesome, is right now it's selling for $10 off! (: It comes with one cream eyeshadow, that does dry out, but I don't mind it, it's still useable, and a gorgeous color. The matte black in this palette is great, and you can create so many looks out of it! (:

Raelee X.

I really liked this palette, all the colors are so pigmented and buttery textured, the only problem i had with this palette is that Beji (the cream shadow that comes in the palette) dried out quite a bit. Did anyone else have this problem? I can still get it to work but it has definetely dried out a ton since I first got it, and i've only used it 3 or 4 times. All in all though this is a really great palette and even though I've had problems with the Benji shadow, it is still such a super pretty color

Joanna A.

*Very pigmented. *Tends to flake a bit - a few of the shades are broken/starting to break. *Make sure to use a primer, or load your brush with a lot of shadow! *Didn't realize the white shadow had a purple tint (oops) so I walked around with shimmery purple eye shadow under my brows for the entire day. *The gold shadow is a cream. Blends well. *Overall it's a decent product. I bought it on sale from Sephora so I really can't complain because I got it for such a good price :)

Jaymie H.

This was my first Kat Von D product and I was highly impressed! They blend great and lasted all night while I was working. (I'm a server, so make up never stays)

Inge T.

I have all the Kat Von d palettes they are buttery, richly pigmented shadows. A little more chalky than UD. The quality is superb, little to no fallout. You can create a lot looks with these. I have traveled with these and never had one break