Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette- Sinner


Jacqueline H.
Right Between the Eyes

I own all of Kat Von D's palettes, but I must say, the Sinner palette from her True Romance Collection is my favorite.

Kat Von D''s makeup is not for the 'feint of heart.' Her shadow colors are intense and dynamic; So, if you are into soft neutral looks, a majority of her line is not for you. Her products invoke a visceral reaction, hence my quick take on the product, 'Right between the eyes.' I liken her palettes to a right hook from Mike Tyson: You'll go down from the sheer force of the punch, but you'll most definitely respect the power that laid you flat in the first place.

Her shadows are intensely pigmented and very easy to blend, and the packaging is great. For $36 you get 8 shadows and a liner. Considering the quality of this product, I would gladly pay a great deal more and not complain. I feel her line is very representative of what she is: Bold, dynamic and colorful. Kat Von D products always rock my world!

Miranda L.
Amazing shadows!
Photo of product included with review by Miranda L.

I won some Kat Von D makeup in a giveaway and never tried her stuff before so I was excited to be able to. I got this and instantly fell in love. The colors are all so pretty and pigmented and go on so easily without a ton of fallout. A must buy!

Jessica F.
Was doubtful at first, but I love it!

I bought this palette on a whim, I'm not fond of Kat Von D as a person, but the colors in the palette were nice in the tester so I bought it on an impulse and I'm glad I did! Used with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, these shadows lasted all night!