Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette- Saint


Taylor S.
I use this everyday.

This palette is amazing. It's extremely versatile as it can easily be used for a day or evening look. It's very well pigmented. Comes with an eyeliner pencil. Shadows blend easily. I think everyone should have this palette. I cannot say enough about it. Check out my review on my blog beauty-by-taylor.tumblr.com

Bridget H.
Best eye shadow I have ever used , it was totally worth out much it was and It last all day , one of the great things Is that

The eye shadow actually staus forever and all the colors in the pallet blend so perfectly . I used the urban decay naked 2 pallet and this is way better than it was it was a little bit better in my honest opinion . If I was choosing between naked 2 and this I would choose this!

Jes T.
My absolute favorite :)

I went to sephora with the intentions of buying The Naked 2 pallet, but i pretty much fell in love with this one instead. I like using the last three colors for a smokey eye and the first three for a more natural looking eye. Kat Von d eyeshadow goes on perfectly. My ONLY complaint about this pallet is that the pink shade (i believe its named "<3" barley had any pigment to it at all, its a different shade pink then this image shows. Its almost childlike and i dont have much use for it, except sometimes i use it as a blush if im feeling experimental. Id also like to advise anyone buying this pallet that all the shades, except for the very last one, have either a slight shimmer or sparkles in it, which also isnt really shown in the photograph. And the last two are pretty much the same exact shade except one is matte and one has shimmer :) Both are lovely though. I like this pallet much much much better the Urban decay and its cheaper too! And also the eyeliner pencil it comes with is perfect for waterline, it creates a very smokey look and is very creamy and smooth, im def buying it again! One of my best purchases at sephora!

Chelsea B.
Photo of product included with review by Chelsea B.

This palette is my new favorite. For nude/natural palettes I've bought this one, Unzipped by Lorac and I've had my Naked 2 palette for about a year now but I can already tell this one will be the most used. The colors are perfect, bendable, extremely smooth and absolutely gorgeous. I didn't wear shadow primer today and it's still on from 5:00 this morning. I will forever replenish this palette.

Nicole A.

I love Kat Von D shadows,they blend like a charm,don't crease and are so soft and vivid. I have yet to get a color I did not like .I always get them on sale at Sephora. I've paid as little as 17$ a pallet. xxoo

Eleanor M.

i love love love this product! the colors are really natural but beautiful, i love the packaging also and it has a really nice mirror. the eyeliner that comes with it is awesome as well it goes on super smoothly. its cheaper than the naked palette and i personally like it a lot better. the colors are much less metallic-y and feel like a much higher quality to me. also they stay on so well, i took a shower and washed my face twice and it seriously hardly budged, it comes off really easily with an oil based make up remove.

Kati A.
My Favorite!

I love this palette! I use it every day- can be used for a whole range of looks and all the colors are highly pigmented and fabulous. I would recommend this palette without hesitation! It's worth the money for sure.

kelcie J.

I love this eye shadow palette. I bought it from Sephora and it caught my eye. The colors are amazing, and long lasting. Also, they are very smooth and easy to blend together. I def. recommend this product to anybody!

Rikki P.
Is NAKED too dark for you? Get this.

I am a huge fan of Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes and have been eyeing this one since it released on the Sephora website. I was getting incredibly impatient when my JCSephora had the "coming soon" item on this baby for days.

If NAKED isn't your cup of coffee because it's 1) too expensive or 2) still a little too "out there" for you, I think this is a perfect alternative. I have not used all of these shades (What? I'm lazy and have other things to use) but I really like the third from the right and the very last shade in this palette. These shades are perfect for outer corner/crease colours.

The downside is that these can be very, very soft so a lot of product will end up on your brush so you will have to tap off excess unless you really want a good amount of fallout on your face.

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Alicia S.

I just picked up this palette up from sephora and i can't stop putting it down now!!! I love the color shade range and they are so pigmented and long-lasting! It comes with a black eyeliner (similar to UD eyeliners) and a little sample of her eye primer. I do like to mix it up with my Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palette to switch the colors up sometimes. Overall great product and looking forward to picking another one up from Kat Von D collection.

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