Kat Von D

Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

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Sam B.

This is a must have product, especially if you are just starting out in makeup or don't like to wear too much. This is a great palette for every day makeup, the colors are build-able and blends easily!

Jaclyn N.
favorite palette i've ever bought

Seriously in love with this palette. The packaging is too cool. The eyeshadows are so smooth and creamy, the pigmentation is amazing, and the colors work excellent together. You can wear it at work or on a night out. Another great feature on this palette is that the base colors are much larger than the rest. I always hit the pan with those colors first in a palette and it breaks my heart. Finally a palette that gets it!

Nicole A.

1st off those of you that follow me k own I'm not a what they call "neutral" kind of girl, but when I saw this pallet I had to get my hands on it. I am a huge kat von d follower and in all honesty her makeup line is one of the best out there. These shadows tho, so buttery and so pigmented they glide on like a dream and stay on until I take them off. I can create a # of dramatic smoking contour eye looks, the last 3 shades and the last one on the top are my favorite, but by far the quality and usable shades are just amazing. Get Your Brushes IN THIS Pallet Beauties YOU Won't Be Disappointed (: