Kat Von D

Saint Rollerball


Nikki Z.
So yummy!

All of KVD's perfumes smell amazing! This is the lightest of the 3 with a "girlier" scent to it. Nice to wear during the day and it is GREAT layered with her sinner or adora smells as well. I can't even describe how fantastic they all smell and this one is so so so nice. When I run out of my rollerball I will be buying the bottle!!!

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Blondee B.
im in love!!!!

i didnt actually purchase this, but i tried it out at sephora in my local jcpenny's and omg i loved it!!!! it takes alot for me to say i love a higher end perfume like this, because im not particularly a fan of strong musks and alcohol like scents but this is so angelic and soft scented i couldnt keep my nose away from it!!!! i kept it on my wrist all day, in and out of stores, even in the food court at the mall, and it still smelled as heavenly as i first applied it! it truley is a scent for saints!!!!!!!!

Miranda L.
My favorite!

I got the rollerball set and this one stood out the most to me. I just love the smell in the bottle and on. All of them smell so good but this one gets the most use from me. Just love it!

Nadia N.

A very sweet creme brulee scent. It smells like one of the best desserts. It takes a long time to wear off. It is definitely lighter than sinner but its great for a everyday scent and for a sunnier day. My sister even steals it from me and her and I usually disagree on fragrances so that means it smells that good!